Edible oil bottling bottle filling capping labeling machine line

edible oil bottling bottle filling capping labeling machine line

Line profile

This production line is a new type of edible oil filling production line developed by our company, the core filling machine adopts the servo motor control piston filling, measuring accurate, easy to adjust, the microelectronic intelligent control technology and program control is applied to the production line, make it become the new production line of electromechanical integration, can achieve high soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, tea seed oil, cooking oil and other liquid and viscous liquid quantitative filling, cover, capping, labeling, printing and other production process automation.

The whole line capacity is 2000-5000b/h (can be customized according to customer specific requirements).

Linear filling machine

Edible oil bottling bottle filling capping labeling machine line

Product features:

1, suitable for bottle high: 120~320mm; suitable bottle diameter: 50~100mm main motor power: 1.5kw.

2, the pressure head using special materials, strict heat treatment process, high strength, wear resistance, long service life, good sealing effect, high efficiency.

3, fast structure of bottle shifting cam, guide bottle plate and screw for entering bottle can achieve rapid plug-in, which is convenient and simple, bottle mouth is provided with automatic positioning device, to avoid the inverted bottle, jam bottle, a bottle opening positioning are not accurate and so many adverse effects.

4, center distance or cover pressure head is good, reduce the normal work in centrifugal force phenomenon, guide sleeve surface strengthening treatment is tightly matched with the roller bearing, reduce the pulse, when high-speed has no vibration and shock, work more stable and reliable.

5, the power system and the driving wheel system are equipped with a buffer protection device, start with a flexible original absorption, smooth and soft. When the accident happens, the overload device immediately cut off the power supply, the device automatically shut down to ensure the safety of the man machine.

6, the replacement of the machine head, implementation multi function of a machine, high cost-effective, suitable for a variety of bottle cap to cap.

Automatic capping machine

Product features:

The machine is mainly suitable for different materials and different specifications of the bottle lid of the rotary (rolling) capping. Suitable for screw cap, anti child cover, press cover, etc.. Preparation of constant torque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. The structure is compact and reasonable, and can be conveniently linked with other equipment to be a line, and the dust proof cover can be optional. Machine advantages: linear design, composition of the assembly line convenient and beautiful. main machine speed using imported frequency converter, can be stepless speed regulation. The strong electromagnetic left-hand cover torque converter, completely solve the traditional mechanical friction plate in the rotary cover spurts ills.

Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

Technical features:

1, according to the customer's characteristics and the speed of rotary cover design, with the use of automatic production line.

2, the machine is composed of three parts: automatic bottle sorting, automatic cap feeding, automatic capping.

3, PLC control system.

4, according to the requirements of the capping to design head number.