Nail Polish Filling Machine

This machine is mainly applied to various material round bottle, flat bottles. Filling material could be small dose of medicine liquid, like eyedrop, syrup, iodine, and eliquid etc. peristaltic pump keep the filling liquid clean ,has high measuring precision .


  • The machine use stainless steel 304, the part touch oil is stainless steel 316
  • PLC control, touch screen operation, the filling adopts mechanical shaft connecting rod type drive, instead of chain device, which is more convenient to adjust, and more accurate.
  • It stops automatically if no bottle, with counting and alarm function.
  • Suitable for different bottles by changing star wheel, vibrator etc. It is widely used in filling syrup, oil etc. Meet GMP requirement. Adopt unique 4 knives cap-rolling blade, it is stable, perfect sealing and nice.

The machine finished all works of bottle feeding, filling ,putting inner plug and capping outer covers automatically .

It is applicable to different-shaped bottles and plastic bottles: PP , PE , PVC ,glass bottle and mould bottle .The bottle-in and bottle-out has specialized structure .It doesn’t drop bottles or nip bottles

PLC control , simple and easy to operate.

The part which touches the liquid medicine is made of 316L stainless material completely, meeting the requirement of GMP.

Factory Manufacturer Pneumatic nail polish rotary filling equipment small manufacturing machines can be connected with the bottle-washing machine and the label-attaching machine to form a complete set of produce line.

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Nail Polish Filling Machine – Equipped With Advanced Features

Our filling machine is specially designed to meet the nail polish industry needs. Our filling machine comes with the advanced features that allow you to complete the process quickly and easily. Our experts understand the client needs and design the filling machine. Our filling machine provides the high performance. We have the qualified team to examine the machine parts and working condition before marketing the products.

Buy Nail Polish Filling Machine at the Lower Price

Our filling machine is simple to clean and you can also change the nail polish color easily as per your needs. The single nozzle filling machine is manufactured by the aluminum extraction. It is simple to adjust and our machine can fill any kind of the liquid in the different bottles with the similar level of water. Our filling machine is designed with the low voltage that avoids the sparks. It is convenient to move from one place to another place easily. The installation process of our nail polish filling machine is simple. We offer the filling machine at the discount that helps you save money on buying this machine.

CE standard high quality nail polish bottle filling machine is a filling, the inner plug, inside tamponade, on the cover, unscrew the cover, the main part of the composition of PLC control. The machine through the cam drive, positioning accuracy, stable transmission. PLC automatic control filling, internal tamponade, capping the whole process. Automatic injection molding machine can be formulated by blowing directly into the filling system, to prevent cross-infection, the entire process is completed under sterile conditions. Without washing and drying. This machine is suitable for nail polish, nasal drops, ear drops, essential balm and other small dosage formulation filling .

Small bottle of eye drops, nail polish filling machine and capping machine

Small bottle of eye drops, nail polish filling machine and capping machine

Auto filling capping machine is a hight technical equipment by my company independent research and development of a professional body for automatic filling and capping. It's a leading domestic level, a new type of automatic filling, capping machine.This machine adopts disc type filling machine hand hanging cover capping, stable and reliable, high precision reaches more than 99%, the machine adopts imported high ...
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Automatic 2 nozzle gel nail polish filling machine bottle filling capping machine

Automatic 2 nozzle gel nail polish filling machine bottle filling capping machine

This machine is the main parts of liquid filling line. It is mainly used for filling, (plugging), capping of eye drops, essential oil, e-liquid and e-juice. It adopts linear conveying, and peristaltic or piston pump filling, automatic feeder plugs and outer cover, touch screen interface, frequency control, and no bottle no filling and no plug function, filling without leakage with ...
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Very popular ice cream filling machine/double heads filling machine/nail polish filler machine

Very popular ice cream filling machine/double heads filling machine/nail polish filler machine

Product descrption This machine is mainly used for cosmetic ingredients (liquid/paste) quantitative filling, using a piston-type footswitch semi-automatic filling, tank inflation pressure, strengthen filling materials liquidity. By way of quantitative filling, accurately set capacity, and small error value, in line with customer demand. The operation is simple, easy to clean, and the wide range of applications for multiple types of ...
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