Industrial plastic tube filling sealing machine for cosmetic

Industrial use Plastic tube filling machine, plastic tube sealing machine for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical product

Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine is suitable for kinds of laminated tube and plastic tube filling sealing cutting and date printing, widely used in daily chemical products, medical products, chemicals, food, cosmetics, toothpaste and so on industries.

Industrial plastic tube filling sealing machine for cosmetic

It can fill cream / paste / viscosity products into soft tubes, and automatically finish the sealing cutting and date printing functions. The machine usually used totally enclosed type protect cover, it is the idea filling sealing machine for plastic and laminated tube, especially for medical and such a special industry.

Industrial plastic tube filling sealing machine for cosmetic

Technical Paremeter

ProductPlastic tube filling machine, plastic tube sealing machine for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical product
Filling Accuracy±1%
Hopper Capacity50L
Filling Volume5-25ml, 15-150ml, 30-200ml (adjustable)
Tube Diameter10 to 50mm
Tube Length210mm
WeightAbout 850KG

After-Sales Service:

After sales service, our engineer is available to supply door to door service for our customers and also they will tell our customer how to operate the machine. And also all of our engineer is ready for the service of the customer for 24 hours per day. We have sufficient spare parts stock and can meet your needs in time.


Q: We are worrying about the high viscosity of the filling paste which cause poor fluidity.
A: We are heated stirring, which can enhance the fluidity of the paste, easy to fill.

Q: The span of filling is large.
A: If the span of filling is large, you can change the mold.

Q: What is the folding method of aluminum tube?
A: There are four folding methods for your choice: Double Fold, Triple Fold, Four Fold, Five Fold.

Q: Is there any tube alignment problems when sealing?
A: We use the cursor detection technique, which allows the position accurately when sealing.

Q: Can the filling capacity of 2 to 250ml be realized by one machine?
A: Yes, you just need to change the filling pump.

Q: The flow of our product is not very good, can you do it?
A: Yes. We can order a double heated stirring hopper for you.

Q: If the product is not liquid, can the machine be filled?
A: Yes, we can customize the double-layer heating hopper.

Q: There is a filter in the mixer, because of the ointment will have some residual dregs or difficult to melt things?
A: The role of the mixer is mainly to stir the temperature to facilitate the flow of paste, add the filter is possible but not easy to clean and the use is not obvious. In fact, the filter is not add at here, it should be add in the paste machine which will get a better effect.

Q: How to clean the machine?
A: The hopper and filling head can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Q: Is it possible to do it on a machine with different tubes?
A: The length of the tube can be adjusted. If the diameter is different, you need to replace a set of molds.

Q: Can the machine be pumped with nitrogen and vacuum?
A: Nitrogen, vacuum device can be added. Nitrogen device is added before filling, vacuum device is added after filling.

Q: What is the difference between full automatic and semi-automatic striped toothpaste filling machine?
A: Automatic is automatically putting tubes, semi-automatic is manual putting tubes.

Q: What is the difference between dichromatism toothpaste machine and three-colour toothpaste machine?
A: The three-colour toothpaste machine has one more compartment in the hopper than dichromatism toothpaste machine.

Q: Is the machine sealing by ultrasonic or heated?
A: Heat sealing. If it is an aluminum tube, it is a folded sealing.

Q: Do we need a water cooler unit?
A: Internal heating should be equipped with water coolers, you can purchase by yourself, or using circulating water.

Q: If we not add a water cooler unit, do it have a good effect?
A: The effect is certainly not as good as add a water cooler unit.

Q: How many sets of heads does the machine have?
A: The machine comes with a set of molds.

Q: How many years have you been working on this machine? Have you ever exported it before?
A: We have been doing this for 10 years, exported to many countries, worked with many companies at home and abroad.