High capacity tube filling machine for cosmetic plastic cream

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube filling and sealing machines are suitable for filling cream, ointment, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, cosmetic products into plastic laminated tube or aluminium tube. The machines are high technical equipment and integrating GMP requirement, with features of rational structure,complete function, easy operation, accurate filling, stable running, also low noise.

Adopting with PLC controller, automatically operating from liquid or high velocity material filling till batch number printing (including manufacture date). They are ideal equipment for ALU tube, plastic tube and multiple tube filling and sealing in cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff, adhesives etc.

High capacity tube filling machine for cosmetic plastic cream

Main Features

  • Applicable to plastic composite tubes and aluminum plastic composite tubes.
  • Possible for programmable control of the machine with PLC controller and color touch screen.
  • Applicable for filling cream and liquid materials.
  • Automatically complete filling, sealing and batch embossing three functions.
  • Customized production capacity with an error of filling volume not more than 1%.
  • Tube charging conveniently and tidy with external reversal feeding system .

High capacity tube filling machine for cosmetic plastic cream


UsePlastic tube, aluminium tube, laminated tube
Speed20-30 tubes/min30-60 tubes/min50-80tubes/min80-95tubes/minute80-120tubes/minute
Filling volume5-250ml5-250ml5-250ml5-250ml5-250ml
Filling accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Tube diameter10-50mm10-50mm10-50mm10-50mm10-50mm
Tube length50-210mm50-210mm50-210mm50-210mm50-210mm
Air pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Motor power1.0kw1.1kw1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw
Heat seal3kw3kw3kw6kw6kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)1230x700x14001800x850x19802200x1220x20802300x1350x18002950x1310x2300


Q1: Do you have manual or operation video for us to know more about the machine?

Yes, not only manual or operation video, 3D drawing also available to make as per your design, also the video we can make of testing the material from our packaging machine if your packing goods easier for us to find from our local market.

Q2: Is engineer available to serve oversea?

Yes, but the travel fee is paid by you. So actually to save your cost, we will send you a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

Q3: How can we make sure about the machine quality after we put the order?

Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the quality, and also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in China.

Q4: How can I know your machine is designed for my product?

If you don't mind, you can send us samples and we will test on machines. During that time, we will take videos and clearer pictures for you. We can also show you on-line by video chatting.

Q5. How about warranty and spare parts?

We provide 1-3 years warranty and enough spare parts for the machine, and most of the parts can be found in local market also,  also you can buy from us if all the parts that we provided are finished.