T Vertical Type Automatic Round Container Labeling Machine

This machine is applicable for circular surface labeling, Such as round container, the detail application description as following table:

IssueApplication Description
Applicable ContainerThe following scenarios can be selected for one machine:

1)         Round Container , such as round bottle

2)         Circular surface, such as container with a section of circular arc

Applicable Type of LabelSelf-adhesive Label

1)         Non-transparent as the standard

2)         Transparent as the optional

Number of the Label1)         1 label

2)         2 labels which printed on one label roll


Following are the reference style of containers:


T Vertical Type Automatic Round Container Labeling Machine


Standard Features


•     Suitable for round container , or container with a section of circular arc , signal or double labeling

•     Stainless Steel 304 and High class aluminum alloy as the construction of the machine

•     Unique labeling heads enable the label’s tightening and tension more steady. And assure the labeling accuracy.

•     The professional labeling device enhances the quality of the labeling. To ensure no wrinkles and no bubbles. And tightness       of the overlapping.

•     Calibration scales are convenient device for the contain shape adaption

•     PLC and Touch screen HMI control to achieve intelligent operation and trouble shooting

•     Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label auto-correction


 Optional Features


•     Transparent labeling detecting sensor

•     Code bar online printing


According to the PLC parameter setting through touch screen HMI, the container from the upstream process , through the conveyor. Pass the container separating wheels,. Sychonize with container and labeling detecting system, the container get accurate labeling by the labeling heads. The labeling reinforcing device will ensure the labeling quality as the final step.

Except for the design of the machine, the key components configuration will determine the quality of the machine or system, below is the shortlist configuration of the key components:


NoComponentsMaterial / Short List
1Programmable Logic ControllerDelta, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Panosonic
2Touch ScreenWeinview, Siemens,Delta,Kinco, Panosonic
3Stepper/Servo MotorTeco, Delta, Panosonic,Leadshine
4Frequency ConvertorDelta, Schneider,Leadshine
5Key Electric ComponentsSchneider,Chint, Ls, Ark
6Key Protection & RelaySchneider,Delixi
7Cylinder, FilterAirtac , SMC
8Photocell SensorAutonics , Keyence, Leuze, Panosonic, Datalogic


Catalogue 1J-x-xxxxxT-21100
Control MethodAutomatic
Number of Label1 as the standard , or 2 labels which printed on the same label roll
Transparency of LabelNon-Transparent
Coding/Printing MachineExclude
Width of Label15-150 mm - Include the back paper
Length of Label20-340mm
Labeling Speed30-80 pcs/min for normal motor

40-120 pcs/min for servo motor

labeling Tolerance+/- 1mm
Diameter of Container25-100 mm
Roller Outer Diameter280mm-Max
Roller Inner Diameter76mm
Standard SpeedServo motor : 5 ~ 25m/min

Stepping motor : 5 ~ 19m/min

Compress Air RequiredNot Applicable
Air ConsumptionNot Applicable
Power RequirementAC 220V 50/60HZ
Electricity Consumption0.53Kw
Approximate Weight ( Net)185 kg
Dimension ( ‘mm )1950*1100*1300mm

Practically, compare with the simple machine in the market, we are more focusing on the details, the advantages as indicated in the following table:

Labeling TargetOur Design
No wrinklesReasonable label guiding device, include

a)       Label guiding and pulling

b)       Label tension maintaining ,

c)       label separating processes

No bubblesReasonable labeling and Reinforcing devices
Accurate labelinga)       High quality  and position adjustable  label detecting sensor

b)       Container positon adjustment device

c)       Labeling synchronization  control

Flexible operationa)       Pedal  Control /  Automatic  Detecting

b)       Single or double  labels

c)       Code printing can be integrated

d)       Flexible programming by PLC

e)       Necessary protection, like short circuit , overload etc



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T Vertical Type Automatic Round Container Labeling Machine




Customization Philosophy


The product demonstrating may not perfectly meet your requirements, our philosophy is to customize your real need, To minimizing idle capacity and function. To supply you performance and cost balanced products. Following are the factors shall be taken into account during customization:


•     Transparent labeling detecting sensor

•     Code bar online printing



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