Small bottle automatic adhesive sticker labeling machine,Auto Bottle Adhesive Labeling Machine

Adhesive Labeling Machine Description:

Adhesive labeling machine is divided into automatic horizontal labeling machine, automatic round bottle adhesive labeling machine, plane adhesive sticker labeling machine and double side adhesive labeling machine.  Adhesive labeling machine consists of conveyor system and label-guide system. conveyor system can be customized and adjusted according to customer’s needs. Label-guide system can label right product location when sensor check products.

Adhesive Labeling Machine Application:

Our adhesive labeling machine is widely used in food adhesive labeling,toy adhesive labeling,chemical adhesive labeling,cosmetic adhesive labeling,medical adhesive labeling and plastic adhesive labeling industries.

Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Labeling Machine can apply to PET round bottle adhesive labeler,plastic bottle adhesive labeler, glass bottle adhesive labeler for product which have circumferential surface,conical surface and square surface.

Adhesive Labeling Machine Features:

1.All machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel
2.It can be equipped bottle feeding table
3.It avoid many problems of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling etc
4.It equips electric-eye to improve the precision for cutting off the label materials.
5.It adopts equivalent PLC, positioning module, stepping motor and sensor electrical control system control.

Packaging & Shipping

Small bottle automatic adhesive sticker labeling machine,Auto Bottle Adhesive Labeling Machine

Our Services

Installation and adjustment

After the equipments are arrived at the customer’s site, the customers is responsible for unpacking and arranging the equipment according to the placement drawing; and do under our install-adjust technicians’ guidance.
According to requirement of water, electricity, air and steam consumption and the demands of quality level and pipeline, the User should connect the wire, cable and pipe of water, air and steam to the special position ordered in the installation area of production line ahead of time. Other relevant matching equipment and project should be finished before we adjust our equipment.
We’ll bring a suit of portable installation and adjustment tools ourselves during the period of installing and adjusting, the other instruments we need should be furnished by the customer for free including oxygen, acetylene angry, argon, etc. needed in the installation and adjustment site.
The customer should dispatch the capable person to accept training in the installing site.

We are responsible for offering the technical training to user. The training content includes the structure and maintenance of the equipments, control and operation of the equipments. The training lessons are finished in the process of installation and adjustment. Through training, users' technical staff can grasp and the skill of operation and maintenance proficiently, and deal with the general troubles in time.

Quality assurance
We guarantee the goods offered are brand-new, unused, with latest design and suitable material made, and we guarantee the specification of the equipments is consonance with the contract.
We are responsible for the fault and damage of the production line caused by our design, technology, manufacture, installation, adjustment and material defect etc that all belong to our responsibility.

Offer 12 months maintenance period to the problem that caused by our design, manufacture and the material quality, and offer the relevant parts and effective service for free for above reason. We will offer a widely and favorable technical support, after service all the time after guarantee period


 Q:How to install my machines when it arrives?how much the cost?

A:We will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines.


Q:When can I get my machine after I paid?

A:Normally production time is around 30-60days,the exactly depend on what kind of machine you order.The shipping time is based on your destination port.


Q:What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?

A:We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.


Q:Are you a trading company or a manufactory?

A:We are a manufactory, we supply the factory price with good quality, welcome to visit !