Automatic linear straight piston filling machine for essential oil

The whole machine adopts integrated design and adopts high-quality electrical components such as PLC, photoelectric switch and touch screen, as well as high-quality stainless steel and plastic fittings. The product quality is excellent. The system is easy to operate, easy to adjust, friendly in human-operation interface, and uses advanced automatic control technology to achieve higher precision equal surface filling.

Filling Volume


Liquid Level Control accuracy


Production Capacity


Air Consumption


Power Source

3P; AC380V;50Hz; 1.5KW

Air Source



L 1600 x W 1500 x H 2200 mm

Automatic linear straight piston filling machine for essential oil


  • Widely filling range.
  • If bottle’s inside volume with high accuracy, the filling level control accuracy is high too.
  • Compact structure and take small footprint.
  • Filling time adjustment using actual measurement correction method, digital display control.
  • Easy to operate, easy to clean and maintain, low maintenance cost.
  • Adopting the self-developed negative pressure filling head to prevent dripping and foamy.
  • Unique positioning control system prevents photoelectric mis-counting.
  • Single cylinder stabilizes dive and effectively positions the bottle mouth.
  • Automatic liquid infeed, liquid return, no need manual intervention.


How to choose suitable machine?

Considering that machinery are different base on different customer's requirement, we advise you discuss with our sales engineer firstly, then confirm the order. Our engineer will advise you a suitable machine for your application to avoid wrong machine ordered. If current machine cannot meet your requirements, we will custom made machine for your application.


We offer good quality machinery and it mainly shows in four aspects:

(a) Working Life: about 7-8 years;

(b) Good Stability: stability is basic and most important performance of machinery;

(c) Lower Expenditure of machinery daily maintenance.

(d) All the machines before delivery, our QC will inspect it carefully to ensure good quality.


Our machine prices are based on reasonable prices; because we should ensure machine has good quality firstly, so machine parts used are also should be good quality and also very different costs on design & manufacture costs. Please contact our sales deparment to get special prices.

Warranty Period

(a) Standard 12 (Twelve) months dated from delivery (Consumable parts and man-made broken are not included); ; If need much longer warranty period, please contact with our salesman. During warranty period, we offer replaced new parts for free.

(b) Out of warranty period, we will offer spare parts and technical support too and help customer to solve problems; If need replace parts, we will charge parts costs

How to install new machine?

(a) Most of our machines don't need our engineer to visit customer's factor to install,under this circumstance, just refer our user manual to install machines; if you have any questions, you can consult with our professional engineer and they will give you instructions to guide you how to do via pictures, videos, online talking etc.

(b) For some complicated machinery, customer can arrange their engineer to come to our factory for training before we delivery machines; Or request our engineer go to your factory to install it, but you have to bear all the travel costs including board and lodging costs, round-way air tickets and daily labor salary